A 24 year old Megan Liker was convinced that she had spent four years in captivity, having given birth to 48 hybrid Children
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Megan Liker married Andrew Mayer in May 2001, with whom they studied together in college. Naturally, they wanted to have a child, but the young wife could not conceive. The couple turned to the doctors who suggested that the woman undergo a full medical examination. It turned out that Megan can not have children because of incomprehensible old age and the deterioration of her internal reproductive organs. The patient had a uterus and fallopian tubes of a 60-year-old woman! According to the doctors, their ward has already given birth many times.

This news plunged Megan into shock. She was sure that she had never before become pregnant. The way out of the current strange situation was suggested by one of the attending physicians. He advised several sessions of hypnosis to clarify the strange circumstances surrounding the patient's past.

In a hypnotic state, the girl told the doctors an incredible story.

"I walked along the alley of the city park, when I suddenly noticed a small bright star in the sky, which was rapidly approaching, increasing in size," Megan says. "Soon it began to resemble a flat disc of silvery color."

A strange object hovered right over the astonished girl. He was "suspended" for some time in the air, and then unexpectedly "jumped" quite a large height. Frightened Megan looked around in confusion, while the disc began to fall again.

The girl rushed to run, but suddenly she felt that she was being pulled upward with uncontrollable force. She screamed, but it was useless. She noticed with horror that she was moving farther from the ground. Megan felt dizzy and she fainted.

The girl woke up in complete darkness and silence. She started screaming and calling for help, but no one responded. Having examined the room, the girl determined that she was in a tiny room with absolutely smooth walls and floor.

The unfortunate lost track of time, and from complete ringing silence and darkness almost went mad. Suddenly, a bright light broke out, and Megan was able to see human silhouettes. Two men approached the girl and ordered her to rise. The creatures were unusually small and barely got Megan to the shoulder. Suddenly, the girl realized that her mysterious kidnappers were not people at all.

Next to her were strange creatures with large heads and thin arms and legs. Huge black eyes fixed and indifferently looked at the girl. She was taken to a room reminiscent of an operating room. In the middle there was a transparent table, as if from a glass, on which accompanying and laid Megan.

Gray creatures began to produce something like a medical examination, after which the girl was placed in a "cell" - a tiny room, no more than three square meters, with transparent walls, floor and ceiling. To the right and to the left of it, and also from below and from above, were exactly the same closets in which there were other captives.

After a while, Megan was able to establish contact with her neighbor, a pretty young woman about 25 years. Her name was Kelly Beit. Women have learned to communicate with each other through various gestures and signs.

"We need them to have children," Kelly explained.

Megan soon became convinced of the fairness of the words of a neighbor. About two weeks later, her stomach began to be rounded, and just a couple of months later Megan gave birth to her first child. At birth, several aliens were present who watched the women writhing before them. As soon as the child was born, it was immediately carried away. But Megan managed to still catch a glimpse of her child, which disgusted her.

According to Megan, infants-hybrids were similar to ordinary terrestrial babies, but they had huge eyes.

After some time, the "examination in the operating room" was repeated, and then another pregnancy followed, and one more and one more. Megan reports that the terms of bearing hybrid children were extremely short compared to human children. Hybrid bore no more than four months. She told me that she was kept on a lunar base and there were pyramidal structures. In one building, women were kept, and other children were born.

Usually, the mother was not allowed to look at the child who was born. But one day the birth began at Megan unexpectedly and, apparently, ahead of schedule. Next to Megan, there was no one, and she was able to hold her unusual child in her arms.

At that moment, a woman suddenly woke up with maternal feelings. Mother "involuntarily" suddenly fell in love with her big-eyed child. When her "supervisors" appeared nearby and began to take the baby, for Megan this became a real tragedy. With each successive child, she parted with more and more emotions, but the aliens were completely indifferent to this.

Monotonous and quickly passed four years, for which the captive gave birth to 48 children. Such a big performance was due to the fact that the aliens put several embryos in the womb at once (up to four at a time). Then Megan ceased to be interested in aliens, as she became barren. After that the aliens returned the captive home.

Megan argues that what happened to her should serve as an alarming signal to all earthlings. In her opinion, the aliens create a race of hybrids for the colonization of our planet and are extremely hostile towards people.

There is another mysterious moment in this story. Before her wedding, Megan served for some time in the army on contract (those most lost four years?). When she wanted to see the results of her examination when she entered the service, she suddenly found that there were no documents confirming her service in the army.

The archives of the Ministry of Defense of Australia told the girl that she had never been listed, and if she so persistently insists on the service, then she probably has mental disabilities.

Ufologists are sure that memories of military service were artificially introduced into Megan's memory, replacing memories of the time spent on the basis of aliens.

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