As a former flight and intelligence officer with a 20-year service record, he said he has personally witnessed some pretty bizarre phenomena, George Filer III came clean saying that the UK government hides extraterrestrial life as a top-secret
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George Filer III is 82 years old and currently serves as the New Jersey director of MUFON, which is an American based non-profit association that studies the UFO phenomena. He is one of the many ex-military and NASA veterans to speak openly about UFOs. However, he also happens to have 20 years of experience as an Air Force officer. He revealed that some of the events he experienced in the air are rather inexplicable.

Namely, during the Cold War, Filer was placed in Scotland. He remembers piloting a military aircraft that tried to intercept a weird object that was as big as a bridge on the radar. As they were getting nearer, they were able to see lights off in the distance. He described the lights looked something like a cruise ship at night. There were multiple all over the object.

When we got closer, we could see lights off in the distance – kind of like a cruise ship you would see at night, with multiple lights across it. As we got, I don’t know, about 5 miles from it – it went up into space. And we were doing over 400 (miles per hour) and I would say it was doing 10, 20 times our speed and it was this huge object. So we were convinced that it was something that was not ours, let’s put it that way. To me, it looked like a long cylinder.

George Filer III came clean saying that the UK government hides extraterrestrial life as a top-secret, further describing his own UFO confrontation:

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