Passion dust is a sparkalized capsule that is inserted into the vagina prior to sexual intercourse. As the capsules becomes warmed and moistened by the natural vaginal fluids it will begin to dissolve releasing the sparkling, candy flavored passion dust
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Gynaecologists are warning against a bizarre new trend which sees women inserting glitter-filled capsules into their vaginas, concerned that it could have potentially dangerous side effects. An online retailer is selling controversial capsules designed to glitter-bomb your bits, proving that the unicorn trend has officially peaked.

Essentially created to make your vagina look and taste better – because they’re clearly not fine just as they are - the Pretty Woman Inc website says that the capsules are:

Just enough to make your lover feel that your Yara (water-lady or little butterfly) is what all vaginas are supposed to look, feel and taste like; soft, sweet and magical!

Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules are an adult novelty item  /  image by  /  source

Something you would expect to find in your local adult boutique along with the edible or flavored oils, creams, body butters, lubricants, body dusts and whatever other tasty body treats are out there. But Passion Dust is different from all of them. It is a small capsule that you insert into your vagina and allow it to naturally dissolve and release it's contents.

Passion Dust is not a liquid, lubricant or gel of any kind, It does not induce or create any physical sensations or physically alter your sexual performance. 

It's only purpose is to add a sparkle and flavor to your natural vaginal fluids to make the experience of lovemaking that much more fun and enjoyable for you and your partner. Your body's physical responses help to release the Passion Dust. Basically, the more excited you get physically the faster the capsule dissolves creating a sparkly, flavored orgasm. Your passion makes it happen!

Passion Dust capsules do not come in different flavors or scents. The flavor is sweet like candy but not overly sweet, just enough to make your lover feel that your Yara (water-lady or little butterfly) is what all vaginas are supposed to look, feel and taste like; soft, sweet and magical!. Your partner will not be tasting a mouth full of dry glitter particles, it will still be you, only sweet(er).

Passion dust is currently sold out  /  image by  /  source

According to the site they sold out of the 'Passion Dust intimacy capsules' in a matter of days.

Ingredients: gelatin capsules, starch based edible glitter, acacia (gum arabic) powder, Zea Mays starch, and vegetable stearate

Twitter user MrsRageAlot85 wrote  /  image by Madam Butterflie  /  source

I wanna get this,..but only for review purposes lmao #passiondust

But, a growing number of gynaecologists are warning that this bizarre new trend could actually lead to a dangerous infection.

The vagina contains a delicate balance of good bacteria, which are there to protect it

Dr Vanessa Mackay, spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists told The Independent.

If women place foreign objects inside their vagina, they risk disturbing this balance which may lead to infection, such as bacterial vaginosis or thrush, and inflammation.

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Shazia Malik agreed, saying that the ingredients used in these capsules could cause painful inflammatory discharge and even tiny scratches to the vagina.

Using a product like this so called passion dust might actually kill off any passion at all

The starch and gelatin will increase the pH as well as adding sugar to vaginal secretions - which will encourage harmful bacteria and fungi such as Candida to thrive.

This causes increased discharge and a painful inflamed vagina, which causes painful intercourse.

Also the glitter capsules can cause tiny scratches to the vaginal mucosa during sex, again allowing harmful bacteria to infect the vaginal walls. Even worse it's possible that some glitter pieces may even migrate up through the cervix in to the womb lining and have exactly the same effects there.

The magical website Pretty Woman Inc also has a very interesting Q & A section

Can I swallow the capsule  /  image by  /  source

Well, you technically could but we don't advise or recommend it because that is not the intended use of the product. With that being said; we get women (and men) who have unwittingly swallowed the capsule for whatever reason. If this happens don't panic!'ll just have to look for the sparkle in your poop not your Yara.

Can I use more than one at a time  /  image by  /  source

You could if you wanted to, it would only intensify the amount of sparkle and flavor. However, we wouldn't advise it because it just may be too much of a good thing.

What if my partner thinks it's weird  /  image by  /  source

Most people LOVE IT and some people hate it!..hate the idea of it, and that's fine, to each their own. If you partner is a guy then don't tell him! is how you fix that. It will most certainly have to be a surprise for him.

No doubt, Pretty Woman Inc came up with one magical product, assuming it is not going to kill you when using it once or twice (and I could be wrong here), it is definitely something to try and must be nothing less than a sparktacular experience.

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