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Rune reading message for October, 2017

 Examine your motives, change/growth, and movement.

Since I am a psychic, I bring messages through many different channels. One of the least heard about ways is through using Rune stones. This type of message reminds me of getting a message from my spirit guides. For the theme is not to tell you what to do, but to give the advice of how to get out of your own way in order to resolve or look at your issue in a different way.

 The three runes I drew are pictured above. The question I asked is the issue people who are reading this article need to know for October. Apparently, a LOT of us are going through change!

 Reading from left to right, the arrow rune, points downward instead of up. Reversed rune meanings are liken to reversed tarot card meaning – this doesn't mean the message is 'bad' but rather the information has a lessened energy. With that being said, an arrow pointing downward means you might want to examine your motives in achieving higher realms. You really can't fly high if you are using your motivation of getting ahead by taking control of other people. You need to look at the relation you have with yourself and how you really don't want to get anyone to do something that you wouldn't do.

 The second rune depicts what will happen when you don't resist growth, (which begins with self-examination), and you can now clearly formulate what it is that you desire to accomplish. Imagine a flower – it doesn't just rise up from the ground and bloom, but germinates, peaks up from the soil, branches out, produces buds, then blossoms.

 Last, but not least, we have the last rune that stands for movement and progress. This is all about transitioning. Like the flower, you had a lot of soul-searching, (what you wanted to accomplish), then you formulated the idea, and were watching this grow, and now you have this shift of motion. This rune depicts movement/development/improvement. Are you improving your life? Your thoughts? A new business or business idea? Your relationship? Picture a work horse. Large, slow moving, but gets the job done.

 Have you been working at something, trying to accomplish and not seeing fast enough results? Keep in mind this message is letting you know that you don't have much longer to see a result. It's just a matter of developing patience with knowing yourself, your clear formulation, and letting all this take root.

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