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 September 26th, 2017, my friend, E.T. Sculptor, Cynthia Crawford, left this earth plane. Cynthia was instrumental in helping hundreds of people to awaken to their galactic origins. I was one of them.

 Her passing left an emptiness in my heart where I keep those people who are very special to me. As I grieved my loss, I heard Cynthia, telepathically ask me why I was so sad. “I'll never see you again.” I answered. “But I'm right here.” Of course she was! I closed my eyes and met her inside a space ship. “Where are we?” I asked. “This is Ashtar's ship.” Her face radiated a beautiful glow. Her eyes were bright and glistened; and her hair was beautiful blondish-white.

 “Ashtar? THE Ashtar?”

 “Yes. I've always known I was part of the Ashtar Command, and when I left my body, I bypassed everything else and came directly on board.”

 “What do you mean, bypassed everything else?”

 “I am getting on with my mission. When I am finished, then I will go through my life-review, but until then, this is where I'm needed.”

 What she did next, made me smile.

 “How do you like my uniform?” She ran a hand half way down the gold colored, one piece, jump-suit-type, outfit, complete with gold boots. “My body is so trim and slender.”

 “You look wonderful,” I answered. I looked around the small room. The floors were a shiny black with specks of light that caught my eye. All around us were what I assumed some type of control panels. I focused on the view from the four, small, square windows that brought the cosmos of dark space into view. The vastness of the black cosmic sea speckled with the stars, complimenting the floor. “I'm learning the panels right now, but I don't touch unless there is someone with me. I am a lookout. I keep an eye out for any other hostile ships.” I peeled my eyes; if there was anyone else out there, I couldn't tell. “They come upon the ship quickly,” she answered. “You won't believe how many rebels who are out there who want to destroy us and the earth.”

 I remembered a drawing I had channeled. The title of the artwork was, Protecting. It depicted a huge mother ship that shows a war raging around it, but there is a powerful beam of light that is protecting the craft. Cynthia heard my thoughts. “Where do you think you got that picture from?” Before I could answer she added, “This is really what is going on out here.”

 Suddenly, I felt unsettled, how real is this threat? I thought.

 “Do you just stay in this room?” I asked. “Oh, no. I have times for my working shift. I am free to walk the ship. They put me to work right away because that's what I wanted. I have always wanted to help do something. They have helped me out so much.”

 “Are there others who are here that don't work?”

 “No, not really. They were people who thought they wanted to help, but when they transitioned, they were a little bit in shock and didn't realize how being here, instead of with their loved ones who were waiting for them, affected their concentration. You really need to give 100%.”

 “So you had no one that you wanted to meet up with or miss those people on earth?”

 “It's not that I didn't want to meet with them again, but I chose to put that off until I am done with this mission. The people on earth, I do miss, but I have a job to do. And, I will always talk to anyone who communicates with me. I will give you information and also answer your questions, anytime, sweetie.”

 I have visited ships before - when I went to meet my Star Family.

my  mother, father, and brother, were there to congratulate me on what I had been doing to open people's eyes. I was led down a hallway, where members of this ship hugged me and patted me on the back for the job I was doing. But to meet up with someone I knew on this earth plane was strange and very real. Cynthia's voice, her speech pattern, her mannerisms, were all the same. She did a great service on this earth by creating sculptures of the E.T.'s, infused with their energies, to help those who were ready to connect and needed a tangible object.

 I also know, as a psychic medium, it's important to people to know if their loved ones are okay. I was thrilled to know Cynthia is doing what she had always wanted – helping humanity.







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