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I am a channel of the extraterrestrials. Channeling can be done through speaking, writing, and this medium of drawing the images of the beings that wish to be drawn. I normally use oil pastels with my paintings, but the Halogens were the first and only beings I drew in water color. Their graceful motion was projected with the water colors.

Their message to you:

What an honor to be featured in this placement and to be brought into the conscious mindset of those who are seeking to help realign their human body with the crystalline force that is present in only the most perfect of structures - the snowflake, the frozen drops of water, all have their own perfect substance - as do you. To see a new form begins with the inside of your substance to realign and restructure so you can be brought into the perfect time - which is now. You will know that all time exists in the now, no future, no past. This is not news to many of you, but for those who truly grasp this concept then all things will begin to make sense. For the universe is fluidity and you are part of this cosmos so you, too, are fluidity. This is as simple as your saying to 'go with the flow' it truly is the only way to come into the knowing of you.

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  1. - The, Halogens. This is a couple who channeled their images. They convey light and love.

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