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Since I can remember myself, I was always fascinated with space and astronomy.

As a young kid in the early eighties I was lucky enough to witness a UFO, we were visiting my grandmother at kibutz Givaat Brener in Israel, I was out playing with my little brother and to our surprise we both saw a small object coming towards us very slowly, it was about the size of a basketball, hovering above us at about seven feet above ground, it was slowly spinning horizontally but almost did not make any sound, there was something on top of it that looked like a black plastic bag, it felt like it was looking at us, we kept following it about twenty yards, until we ran into a fence that we could not pass through, it continued making its way at the same height and speed.

To this day, we could not find an explanation for what we saw, strange enough, I think it was earlier that day that I was playing with my NASA space shuttle replica toy, it was made of Styrofoam and had a rubber band that made it fly, and I did fly it around, that was fun. I actually have a picture from that day.

At that time there were no drones or any toys that could do anything like that. Could it be that something intelligent was watching and came down to check on what looked like a NASA space shuttle? and if so, that intelligent something must have had a factory somewhere where it was made and a whole alien civilization behind it.

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